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About Me

People call me Fred, almost 50 years old (Sniff!) and I live in the Netherlands. I started drawing in April 2018, and have been able to spend a lot of time improving myself. Still have a HUGE amount to learn, but I am getting there, bit by bit :)

I do traditional drawings, digital drawings and an occasional photograph. Just for fun, that's all: I do not take or want commissions or sell any of my work, sorry: I draw for fun only...


I draw pictures of photo's that I find on the internet. Those are not my photo's, but are made by someone else. On the basis of fair use, I am allowed to make a drawing of such a picture, but nonetheless, I will try my best to find the original photographer, if possible, and ask permission.

Your photo?

If it is your photo I drew, and I haven't been able to find you, drop me a line: I will properly credit you and include a link to your website...
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